What Makes Us Different

Lanc Co MyHome is a 160+ partner strong coalition serving the Lancaster County community since 2009. Made up of homeless service providers, public officials, government, healthcare, private sector businesses, emergency response, faith-based organizations/churches, behavioral health, and school districts, Lanc Co MyHome prides itself on the broad reach of its partners across all sectors. In 2019, our network we collectively served in excess of 4,000 individuals, including families and children, throughout the county.


Collective Impact Through Our Partner Network

Using the principles of collective impact, Lanc Co MyHomes has oriented its work using the common agenda of addressing homelessness in Lancaster County. Partners work collectively to share the weight of this complex issue. Through regular communication and coalition wide data measures, Lanc Co MyHome has shown significant positive impact in this community. Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health hosts the dedicated staff of the coalition, providing a strong organizational backbone. Lanc Co MyHome is one of the only homeless coalitions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that has dedicated staffing providing support to the coalition partners.

Innovation in Our DNA

Collective impact and embracing diversity in the coalition has led to innovations such as a focus on prevention, utilizing school districts as strong partners to address student and family poverty and homelessness. Other notable innovations include eviction prevention programs that have provided data showing that the community can prevent homelessness and a collaborative funding platform that combines several funding streams (federal, state, local, and private) collectively and allows all of those funds to be awarded through one application, thus making acquiring funds easier for providers and partners. In 2019, Lanc Co MyHome partners will realize several drop-in centers, another innovation that is pulling together a broad cross section of the community to provide services to individuals in need.

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