Awards & Innovations



Central Pennsylvania Business Journal Non-profit Innovation Award in Collaboration



United Way – Spirit of Lancaster Award



LCCEH recognized at the White House for progress towards ending veteran homelessness.

LCCEH applies and is chosen to participate in the Zero 2016 campaign, as one of 67 communities nationally and the only accepted CoC in Pennsylvania.

Innovative Community Approaches​

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    Joint Funding Application
    LancCo MyHome collective awards, Lancaster City Emergency Solutions Grant, Lancaster County Emergency Solutions Grant, Lancaster County Community Development Block Grant, Lancaster County Homeless Assistance Program funds, and United Way funds. Providers apply to one place and the community match is done by a dedicated group of funders so that providers can focus on delivering services.
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    Housing Locator Program
    The Housing Locator Program builds relationships with landlords in the community.  They also ensure that the unit is safe (mold and lead free, smoke detectors, etc.).  This program was developed out of community conversations where direct care staff were overwhelmed with providing care as well as looking for and securing housing.
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    Emergency Shelter Capacity
    The Lancaster County community has limited shelter space for families, especially if they are living outside of the city.  Keeping Families Together is focused on building family shelter capacity where families can stay together as well as keep in their community with their natural supports.
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    Crisis Housing
    Four Crisis Housing programs were developed within the community to address specific populations of people.  Two of them were created in rural communities where people have a difficult time getting into the city to access services.  One is for patients being discharged from the local hospital inpatient units but have medical complications and have no sustainable housing and the last one is for returning citizens being released from the local jail/prison.  Each of these programs allow people longer lengths of stay in order to stabilize the complicating factors and offer short term subsidy for them to move into permanent housing.
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    Safe-to-Fail Initiatives
    LancCo MyHome has taken the approach of intentionally reaching across sectors within the community to create innovative and sustainable programs.  These Safe to Fail Initiatives welcome diversity of thought along with learnings and outcomes to create sustainable and holistic programs.  Two safe to fail initiatives in the community now are the Drop In Center initiative and Schools First.  Drop In Center is creating 7 day a week access for anyone in need to find refuge during the day to connect to showers, facilities, food, laundry, medical care, and any other services they may need like behavioral health or workforce.  Schools First partners LancCo MyHome with local school districts to understand challenges faced by homeless students.

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